Public Liability Compensation

Not all injuries are the result of an accident, mishap or misfortune but can be the result of someone’s negligence or liability. Consequently, negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care or a breach in the duty of care owed, which therefore causes an injury, damage or loss to someone.

 Types Of Negligence

There are three main types of negligence

Occupiers Negligence: this form of negligence involves the occupier of a premise, such as an owner or tenant, owing a duty of care to ensure that their premise is safe for people who come onto the premises. Examples of this type of negligence would be a customer slipping on a wet spill inside a shopping centre or a landlord failing to fix a broken tile on his premises causing a tenant to trip and suffer an injury.

Medical Negligence: this form of negligence involves an injury or a recurrence of an existing injury as a result of a medical professional or medical facility failing to provide sufficient care or skill in performing a medical duty or procedure. Examples of medical negligence can include receiving the wrong diagnosis, incorrect surgery or being prescribed the wrong medicine.

Product Negligence: this form of negligence involves an injury, harm or suffering as the result of a faulty, unsafe or defective product. Examples of product negligence can include a fast food outlet selling contaminated food causing food poisoning or a toy manufacturer producing a toy that contains hazardous chemicals.

If you have suffered an injury, harm or loss as the result of someone’s negligence or liability

Then you are entitled to make a claim for damages and compensation. The purpose of compensation is to cover any physical injuries, medical costs, loss of income from work, property damage or future economic loss.

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