Providing a Range of
Injury related Claims

We provide free compensation help, advice and assistance to all New South Wales residents who have suffered from an injury, pain or trauma as the result of:

Personal Injuries

Slips, trip and fall accidents can occur while walking anywhere. Some of the most common places these accidents can occur include shopping centres, supermarkets, pubs, clubs, market places, factories, wharehouses, work, restaurants, public and private property

Motor Accident

We provide free compensation help to all NSW residents who have suffered injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident. 

Public & Product Liabilities

Not all injuries are the result of an accident, mishap or misfortune but can be the result of someone’s negligence or liability.

Work Accident

Work accidents occur everyday in Australian workplaces and as a result can involve minor or serious injuries to employees and workers. 


If you, or a loved one, are the victim of medical negligence, incompetence or carelessness then you may be entitled to claim compensation for injuries suffered – in Australia, this is more commonly known as Medical Negligence

What We Do?

By filling out our free enquiry form, NSW Injury Compensation will put you in touch with a New South Wales compensation specialist nearest to you. We particularly specialise in assisting injured NSW residents who:

  • Cannot afford compensation law advice.
  • Want free compensation help and assistance.
  • Are seeking compensation for their injuries.
  • Want to know what their entitlements are regarding their injuries.
  • Require advice and support with putting forward a compensation claim.

Our free online service is available throughout all of New South Wales and can be used 24/7! For further information, please click on one of the areas on the right or fill in our enquiry form on the left.


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