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We provide free compensation help to all NSW residents who have suffered injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the pain and injuries you have received.

Car Accident

 Make A Compensation Claim For Your Injuries

We are dedicated towards helping people injured in a car accident get the compensation they deserve. You can find out if you can make a compensation claim for your injuries by completing our Online Enquiry Form.

There are many different types of accidents that can occur on the road and are usually the result of careless or negligent driving from other road users. Personal injuries from a motor accident can be caused to just about any part of the human body, in particular injuries to the head, neck and spine/back. Some common examples of road and motor accidents, where compensation can be claimed include:

Pedestrians / Cyclists:

If a pedestrian or cyclist is hit by a motorist this will give rise to a compensation claim for personal injuries.

Car Drivers:

If you have been involved in a motor accident which was not your fault you can claim compensation for personal injuries.

Usually The Result OF Careless OR Negligent Driving From Other Road Users

Car Passengers

Generally speaking, any passenger involved in an accident is entitled to claim compensation. It does not matter whether the driver is your friend, spouse or family relative as they will have insurance to cover your personal injury compensation claim.

Bus Passengers

 Bus drivers owe a duty to protect their passengers from avoidable injury. If you have suffered injury as a bus passenger, then you should seek compensation.

Rear End Collisions

 This is the most common type of crash for drivers of all ages and occurs when a following vehicle hits the rear of the vehicle in front. Almost always liability will rest with the driver of the vehicle behind.

Motorbike and bicycle accidents

Bike riders, whether motorised or pedaling, are generally vulnerable to the carelessness of other vehicles. If you have been involved in a bike accident, either as a motor bike rider, or cyclist, then you should seek compensation.

Taxi Passenger Accidents

As an innocent passenger involved in an accident, you are entitled to claim compensation from the party at fault. This may be another driver, or the driver of the taxi. In both cases, their insurer will handle your claim for compensation.

Unidentified & uninsured motorists

If you have had an accident with an unidentified or uninsured motorist, or involved in a “hit and run” incident, then you can still claim compensation. To find out more, please complete our Free Online Enquiry Form on the left hand side of this page.

Whiplash claims

Whiplash is a term that describes a soft tissue injury to the spine from stretching and straining when the body is thrown forward and back in a sudden, jerking movement. Whiplash is a very common injury suffered by passengers and drivers in motor accidents and car crashes.

If you have been involved in a car accident, or accident on the road, you could be entitled to receive a significant compensation payout. To find out if your entitled to compensation, simply complete our FREE and fast online Enquiry Form on the left.


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